I invite you and your child to come and visit me in a warm and friendly educational atmosphere. Part of my tutoring philosophy is to make you and your child comfortable as well as to ask questions freely.

Please contact me either by email and/or phone.
My website email is shelley@goldstartutoring.org

My business phone number is 301-424-8120 and cell phone is 240-479-6539.

I would request that you complete a brief questionnaire which will allow me to receive some background information on your child as well as to better prepare for our first free one hour session which also includes a 1 hour informal assessment with your child. There is no future commitment or expectations at this time. It is a good way to meet one another as well as to see if we have "the right fit".

I would also encourage you at this time to take a tour of the endless materials Gold Star provides which will allow for tailored made tutoring lessons in the future.

Actual tutoring sessions after this initial meeting are $75.00 for a full hour lesson.  Discount rates are applied when you have more than one family member with Gold Star Tutoring, and a 10% discount is given ($67.50 per session).  If you would like to meet twice a week, the $67.50 fee will apply as well.

It has been my experience that tutoring in a client's home environment can lead to many distractions. Gold Star Tutoring provides a different setting as well as more attentive and more productive students!  308 Prettyman Drive is conveniently located opposite the Fallsgrove Shopping Center in Rockville, MD.

Call today to request a questionnaire as well as to schedule an appointment for our initial FREE session. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Once again, My business phone number is 301-424-8120 and cell phone is 240-479-6539.

One of my favorite poems written by Jack Prelutsky reads:

"When I Grow Up"

When I grow up, I think that I
may pilot rockets through the sky,
grow orchards full of apple trees,
or find a way to cure disease.
Perhaps I'll run for President,
design a robot, or invent
unique computerized machines
or miniature submarines.
When I grow up, I'd like to be
the captain of a ship at sea,
an architect, a clown or cook,
the writer of a famous book.
I just might be the one to teach
a chimpanzee the art of speech
but what I'll really be, I'll bet
I've not begun to think of yet.

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